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The Teneriffe Festival

The Teneriffe Festival, first held in 2010, has become a regular event for Brazilian Beauty Teneriffe.

Now in its fourth year, the festival provides an excellent opportunity for our therapists and some head office employees to interact with the community we service.

In previous years we’ve done what we can to brighten up the festival. Our mainstay was helium-filled, Brazilian Beauty branded black and gold balloons. This year, we’ll be stepping things up to the next level. In addition to our usual…more

July 02 2013

Honing in on Brisbane

It's a competitive marketplace out there, with room only for the most deserving.

We are very proud to announce that Brazilian Beauty has opened a second beauty salon in the Brisbane CBD. Brazilian Beauty MacArthur Central, located on the corner of Queen St and Edward St, provides a very luxurious atmosphere for all clients. 

With parking available off Elizabeth St, the beauty salon is easily accessible. For pedestrians, we are right at the bottom of the escalators at the main entrance on Queen St.…more

May 13 2013

The Beauty Industry - Innovating for the Masculine Trend

We sat down as a group and attempted to answer the question: How does a company like Brazilian Beauty successfully target males?



It seems like a simple question, but it really isn’t. Our entire marketing philosophy is constructed with the intention of attracting females to our stores. The Brazilian Beauty brand image is built around beautiful women taking steps to enhance their appearance, health and wellbeing. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a lifestyle brand, where luxury service and highbrow…more

April 29 2013

Keeping Clients Interested

The beauty industry is one of the fastest moving consumer markets in the world. New business strategies and concepts rise and fall as rapidly as the modern technologies that now dominate the marketplace. How, then, do we maintain the attention (and spending) of an increasingly fragmented consumer base?

Consumers are constantly seeking new techniques to improve their appearance and wellbeing. New products are announced daily, and the pool of cosmetics and skin care providers is growing larger at an exponential rate. New players enter the market regularly, and they all require outlets for their products.

While pharmacies and supermarkets might attract a particular variety of product, it is beauty…more

April 04 2013

Meetings Aren’t a Complete Waste of Time

Ever had a boring meeting? Of course you have. Was it worth it? Difficult question...



There have been quite a few mentions in business literature lately regarding a cultural shift away from the “tedious, unnecessary, life-sucking meetings” that so many of our days are filled with. Journalists and commentators applaud this revolutionary shift, claiming that business owners are sure to experience impressive increases in productivity and even worker satisfaction.


March 22 2013

The Age of the Metrosexual has Passed

There are no more metrosexuals. The term is antiquated and the demographic it represents no longer exists.

Today, we have men who take an interest in personal grooming. It’s not a trend, like metrosexualism was a trend. These “male groomers” are part of an evolving renaissance in the male community. They are men who sweat all day in the sun, they are men who sit behind a desk, they are men who work underground, but they all have a common denominator: They all consider skin care to be a necessary aspect of overall…more

March 01 2013

Proven Attributes of Successful Franchisees

It’s a question that is constantly asked and rarely answered: What does it take to be a successful franchisee?

Strictly examining personal traits, most might guess at two factors: hard work (tenacity, determination, innovation) and intelligence (education, experience).

If you guessed either of the above, you’re wrong. Sort of.

A 2012 report compiled by the Franchise Relationships Institute found that a strict regime of hard work combined with high levels of intelligence does not necessarily equate success,…more

February 25 2013

Top 10 Professional Skin Care Industry Trends for 2013

Curious about what's ahead? Here we look at the ten biggest professional skin care trends for 2013.

Although each year the new economy is full of its share of twists and turns, 2012 may go down in history as a turning-point year in the skin care industry. Challenges are still many as the skin care professionals who survived the economic crisis are navigating their way in this brave new world; however, things are generally looking up. Salon revenue showed a measured growth of 2.5% according to the International Salon Association…more

February 13 2013

Comfortable Connections

Following our franchisee conference on Friday, we were able to take a moment to reflect on exactly how far we've come.

It was an impressive moment of contemplation, and extended into many hours of considered thought. All of our franchisees have developed immensely during their involvement with us, particularly those for whom Brazilian Beauty was a very first business venture.


The conference was fun, semi-relaxed, incredibly engaging and very thought-provoking. It’s fantastic having the opportunity to catch…more

February 11 2013

Kick Back & RELAX

Celebrating your achievements throughout the year is as equally as important as getting there in the first place.

The Brazilian Beauty Enchanted Awards Ball, held annually, provides all Brazilian Beauty team members, franchisees and partners with the opportunity to let off some steam accumulated throughout the year.

The evening also serves to recognise those team members who have made considerable contributions to the company, and who have been successful on a company-wide scale. Awards range from Therapist of the…more

February 08 2013

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