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Customer Satisfaction Equals Growth

Is there still growth to be had in the retail sector ?

Revenue seems to have headed south over the past year for many retail businesses, the convenience draw of online shopping has coaxed many traditional bricks and mortar shoppers to purchase online. 

Is shopping really all about convenience, price and solitude? Not for some, by nature we are social creatures and studies show that customers want to interact and most importantly have an experience to make them feel special. However as sophisticated spenders, we are not prepared to pay extra or leave the house for a substandard retail experience that leaves us wishing we hadn’t made the effort to wander from the comfort of our lounge room.

And why should the customer settle for second best? These days shoppers are voting with their $ spend and businesses need to lose the excuses and wake up to why customers don’t value their offering. 

As a business owner I know only too well that the constant striving ‘to be the best that we can be’ and never losing focus on the ‘client is king’ experience at all levels of our business can be draining and tiresome for all involved at times. But it’s this level of questioning, reviewing, seeking feedback and analysis of the overall business and the individuals within it that results in change and in turn great outcomes for clients and business growth alike. 

We are a customer focused company and we will never lose sight of this, the moment we do is the moment we stop learning and growing as a brand. 

With Brazilian Beauty group annual sales up a whopping 31.5% in 2013, the results speak for themselves. 

June 04 2014


Francesca Webster

Francesca Webster