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Managing Growth Effectively

The most important factor for small business survival is growth.

If your interests don’t expand, then your company will struggle. However, rapid growth can be just as risky as growing too slowly, if not more so.

Brazilian Beauty is renowned for its consistently impressive year-on-year gains, however such growth would not be possible without certain boundaries. If not for efficient policies and procedures, and a strongly meshed team, Brazilian Beauty may not have experienced such smooth sailing.

The glories of Brazilian Beauty rest upon a strong foundation. A stable, proven business model is core to the franchising success of any business. Brazilian Beauty as an organisation has made pains to ensure that every new franchisee that comes on board assimilates perfectly with all team members and the system itself.

Cohesiveness and business-wide understanding of core tenets are central to developing a sustainable level of growth. This is the reason Brazilian Beauty promotes from within. The company voice and culture have been developed from the outset, and only continue to strengthen. Additional input from new franchisees ensures that the company evolves and adapts new ideas while maintaining a strong culture.

Brazilian Beauty encourages multi-site franchisees for obvious reasons. A franchisee with experience in the business for a couple of years will be much more able to support themselves and cope with the usual start-up problems, as opposed to a new franchisee. However, the demands of growth dictate that new franchisees come on board, and they are always very welcome.

New franchisees are essential to the growth of Brazilian Beauty, and as such we have developed a strong system to support them. Centralised training, comprehensive manuals addressing all aspects of the business, and an officially maintained relationship comprised of routine “health checks” assist franchisees to assimilate perfectly into the business.

Of course, it takes a particular type of person to be a Brazilian Beauty. Due to the exclusive nature of the brand, all new franchisees undergo a certain level of screening. We welcome anybody with a passion for customer service and an understanding of what it takes to be successful in business. Due to the supportive nature of Brazilian Beauty Head Office, new franchisees do not even require experience in the beauty industry.

In comparison to so many other franchises, a Brazilian Beauty salon practically runs itself. We place great value on the importance of an adequate coordinator. The coordinator is central to the success of the salon, and as such must be an excellent manager and a fantastic leader.

Growing quickly requires constant reassessment of practices and procedures. A small organisation branching out into several entities over a period of just a couple of years necessitates adaptation and innovation. Brazilian Beauty is and will continue to be a market leader for a very long time for this very reason. There is no standing still, only moving forward. 


August 05 2013


Rohan Davidson

Rohan Davidson