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Success in Simplicity

Abandon all gimmicks, add-ons and unnecessary ingredients. Clients in the beauty industry seek real results and straight-forward products that actively target concerns.

Consumer demand is about as predictable as the weather. You might be able to predict when it’s going to change, but you’ll most likely be wrong about the substance of the change 80% of the time.

This is why most studies or advice concerning consumer demand include terms such as “responding to demand”, “analysing adjustments”, and “understanding client concerns”. For the large part, unless you’re a corporate megalith creating and enforcing demand, you’re simply responding to what the public wants.

Public trends can be difficult to observe, and often very difficult to serve. However, long-term adjustments in consumer habits are easily identified, and often hold far greater truths than short-term changes in spending.

A consistent change that we have observed is a desire for clarity, honesty and quality not just in the way products are marketed, but also in the way they are formulated.

The modern consumer is very astute, and will in the vast majority of cases make product comparisons prior to most purchases. It’s a competitive marketplace, particularly in an industry such as skin care, with relative ease of entry and a large, fluid market.

As such, it is extremely important from a branding perspective to address the three needs of modern consumers: clarity, honesty and quality.


People work hard for their money. They sacrifice hours out of their lives for it, and it’s rare to find a customer who’s prepared to throw it away needlessly. As such, it is extremely important to be clear about your product, its benefits, and the people it is appropriate for.


There is nothing worse than that feeling of disappointment when you discover a product isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Nobody likes to be let down, let alone lied to. Let your customers know exactly why your product works, and what results they can realistically expect.


If you’re practising clarity and honesty, then the only way you will turn a profit is quality. Studies have proven time and again that certain groups of consumers are more than prepared to pay money for quality, so why not give it to them? A happy customer might not tell their friends about their experience, but an annoyed one certainly will.

Practised together, clarity, honesty and quality can ensure the long-term success of your brand by building unshakeable client loyalty. 


October 05 2013


Rohan Davidson

Rohan Davidson