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Why Let Your Job Stress You Out?

There are far better options than slugging your way through an unsatisfying job.

For the vast majority of us, the chief cause of stress in our lives is our job. 46% of people claim that the main cause of work-related stress is their work load, while the next contributing factor is people issues (28%). In the five years leading up to 2011, workplace stress claims increased by 54%. So there’s no doubt stress is a powerful and growing factor in our employment. The question is, why are our jobs so stressful?

For many, the answer is easy – our boss. Our boss asks too much of us, pushes us too hard, doesn’t appreciate our strengths, places us in situations which don’t work for us, the list goes on. Some people, having discovered where to point the blame, make the decision to become self-employed.While nobody makes this decision lightly, too many enter into such an undertaking with an underdeveloped understanding of exactly what it means to be the final stop for every single decision.

It takes a special kind of person to achieve success after striking out on their own. Brazilian Beauty franchisees are famed for their management skills, diligence and innovation. In order to succeed as your own employer, you must develop a support framework.

This is the greatest advantage to becoming a Brazilian Beauty franchisee. The available support is extensive and extremely reliable. A large number of aspects to managing your own business are simply taken care of. Things like brand image, digital marketing, training and procedures are all developed through Head Office, where a dedicated team are situated, largely for franchisee assistance.

So why stress? Instead, dream of a business that runs itself, while you live the life you never dared dream of. 


August 22 2013


Rohan Davidson

Rohan Davidson