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When you buy into Brazilian Beauty, you don't just buy the brand, you become part of a family of likeminded, hardworking and successful business men and women who are all passionate about the brand and are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with the group.

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Sell your Salon

Brazilian Beauty is always prepared to consider offers to purchase salons from outside owners.

​We understand that the economic climate is extraordinarily volatile. It’s difficult to make it in the beauty industry, and the facts prove it: this year, up to 25% of salons will change ownership. 

The market it incredibly fluid and without considerable supporting resources, it can be impossible to keep up. 

Low barriers to entry and relatively low operating costs for small operations ensure that it can be very difficult to make an impact on consumers and clients. 

Brazilian Beauty has the resources, the experience and the economy of scale to save your salon from the brink. If you are not interested in rebranding and simply want to get out of the game, we can assist you.

Of course, we don’t just take over any salon that is failing. Your salon might be experiencing difficulties due to things outside of your immediate control, such as a poor location, an economic downturn etc. 

If you’re looking to sell your salon, there’s no harm in contacting us. 

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